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Friday, March 26, 2010

Genesis Freehold

Ranis walked down the corridor of the new office his corporation had opened up at Tzvi's 24th Imperial Crusade Logistics Support Station. As he rounded a corner, he got to the doors of his off-site CEO quarters. The door whized open, and he walked through. The workspace was far more spacious than the HQ Office he was used to at Riavayed. He set some of his paperwork down on the empty desk, and pulled up a communique on his NeoComm from the NETU CTL for Intelligence and Logistics.

"The Tower is online, and the assembly arrays have been onlined as well."

This news came as a relief to Ranis, already exhausted from moving several ships to the area.

This constellation had been looked at for strategic and intelligence reasons in the past, and was determined unsound due to faction warfare going on in the area. Due to the conflicts dying down a bit, it was deemed safe to setup a medium control tower in the area in order to further both the Navy and Industrial goals of the corporation.

Ranis closed the NeoComm and picked up a display pad on the top of the stack now sitting on his desk. The display pad outlined Tower Schematics, online structures, and plans for its use. Towards the end of the file being displayed, it showed mineral quotes for a large scale production operation the New Eden Trade Union was about to take on. Ranis forwarded these mineral quotes to his CTL of Industry, hoping to get started on production as soon as possible on the massive project. The ship, scheduled to launch from Union Shipyards in about a month, would be a monument to NETU's growth and expansion from its relatively young age.

Rounding the side of his desk to settle in his chair, Ranis sank into the Heimatar hound-hide seat, and began to write up a short press release to his corporation.

"Genesis Freehold, the name of our new low-security base, it a testament to the hard work of all of you. We have overcome many hurdles, and will continue to overcome hurdles in the future. Genesis Freehold is the embodiment of all of our members collective will to succeed, to drive forward, and to continue to prosper in New Eden. I am proud to announce Genesis Freehold as being our new monument to our own success."

Closing the file with plans to work on it later, Ranis glanced down at his NeoComm. A transmission had been waiting for his approval. He leaned back and opened the channel. Vampire Nocturnus' face appeared, a cool confidence that oozed through the screen made Ranis raise an eyebrow.

"Good news," said Vamp. "Production has already been planned and we have already begun to secure the belts in the area. Mining teams are moving into the area."

"Perfect. The Orca will move in shortly as well. Coordinate with Devildog and the Team Leaders in his department to help get production moving," replied Ranis.

"Already on it," Vamp replied.

"And one more thing," added Ranis, "lets begin moving our Navy into the area. We want to begin to secure locations for planetary control in the near future. We will need to have a Control Tower Network setup within the coming months to ensure production and profits begin flowing. I have a shareholders meeting in the next 48 hours."

"Sure thing," replied Vamp.

Ranis closed the transmission. He thought back to the last time he was at the City of God. The short prayer he whispered in that moment was being answered. God was on his side.

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