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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Keys Principles of Leadership Mastery

Hey guys. If you've talked to me for any length of time, you know that I'm working on my leadership development skills in real life. As such, I'm reading a book on leadership. Some of this can be applied to myself and other leaders in the corporation. Here are some Key Principles of Leadership Mastery:

-When the leaders say the people are not following, its the leaders that are lost, not the people.
-Leaders get lost because of isolation, arrogance, or bad judgment. But above all they get lost because they because they become preoccupied with imposing their authority instead of truly leading.
-Leadership is helping people achieve a shared vision, not telling people what to do.
-Loyalty to leadership relies on the leader's connection and understanding people's needs, wishes, and possibilities. Solutions to leadership challenges do not lie in the leader's needs and wishes. Leadership solutions lie in the needs and wishes of the followers.
-Loyalty can't be built by simply asking or forcing people to be loyal.
-Before expecting anyone to follow, a leader first needs to demonstrate a vision and values worthy of a following.
-Any specific type of leadership inevitably attracts the same type of followers. In other words, for people to embrace and follow modern compassionate, honest, ethical, peaceful, and fair principles, they must see these qualities demonstrated by their leadership
-People are a lot more perceptive than most leaders think. People have a much keener sense of truth than most leaders think. People quickly lose faith in a leader who ignores those two facts.
-Often people have answers that elude their leaders. Leaders, therefore, should solicit, ideas, opinions, and suggestions to gain buy-in and cultivate loyalty.
-A leader who makes mistakes should come clean and admit the errors. People will generally forgive mistakes, but do not appreciate leaders that are unwilling to take responsibility for their actions.
-A leader should be brave enough to negotiate when lesser people want to fight. Anyone can resort to threats and aggression, but being aggressive is not leading.

This is meant as a reference and a good read for those of you who want to take an active role in your development. Im here to help develop all of you as leaders, if you so chose.

Thanks for taking the time to read.


  1. Nice read I must say. Very true ideas...think Formula fits the bill quite well :D

    Although, this point is a little vague:
    Before expecting anyone to follow, a leader first needs to demonstrate a vision and values worthy of a following.

    He has the values for sure..the vision I think atm is clouded by the mess in Providence :(.

  2. There are things that I think all of us emulate in Apoc, and I think there are things that all of us need to work on, including myself. I lead for a living in RL, so these are just some things that I'm working on that apply both in and out of game. Leadership is universal.

  3. That's true..and my career and training require leadership in bounty...so again it applies for myself in RL.

  4. I thiink that these are great guidelines and great to refer to when I get off track with my duties in the corp and is deff something i can apply to RL as well.