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Monday, March 8, 2010

Providence Times

I've been thinking about a way to gather information, news, updates, and special announcements and compile them into a news feed - The Providence Times. It would take simply a small website, a news ticker, a few correspondents, and some time (as always). Could be a fun idea, and could possibly generate some passive income to those involved. Best case, its an income stream that provides vital news to those in the providence region, and at worst, it could be a lot of fun.

Possibly take Kierah Garr (I think thats how I spelled her name), an alt character of mine, and use her to found the not-for-profit Providence Times News corporation. That, or i could operate the whole thing off of Ranis.

Still in the idea stage, but we will see if anyone else is interested to partake in the adventure.


  1. Sounds like a cool idea - wold have to careful regarding intel though...but it could be interesting. Unfortunately, I dont have the time to write artiles but I wouldn't mind reading a few!

  2. I think its a great idea and would be alot of fun if anything else.