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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

City of God

(IC post, 3psn)

Darkness surrounds what, in his mind, is just a body in a gel-filled pod. Ranis' has never really gotten used to the sensation of being in semi-suspended animation while in-pod. The hum of his Harbingers engines gently vibrated the ship, as he warped through the darkness of the system, Shastal. Once a holy place of worship, Shastal lost some of its awe and wonder as Amarrian culture seemed to focus more on how to expand the Empire's borders into Minmatar space and down into the lawlessness of Providence. Still, Ranis remembers coming here via InterBus transit lines, many years before he graduated from the Hedion University. Since his childhood, it has provided a sense of comfort.

His ship's engines lulled, as his warp drive began to slow. His neural displays flashed on and displayed a view of the Amarrian ancient site, the City of God. A shadow of its former glory, the City of God is a representation of all the Amarr are, were, and will be. The images being transmitted to his neural network dont do the sight justice. Ranis' thoughts' drift to what he remembers of the past years he has spent as a capsuleer. His class-mates back in Sehmy at the Hedion University are all successful people, from CEO's of mega-corporations, to major contributors to the market systems in the regions they currently inhabit.

Ranis begins to reflect on his accomplishments in New Eden. Although measurable, he is proud of what he has done thus far.

* * *

Refocusing his neural network on the ancient site, he suddenly is aware of where he is. Unbeknown to himself, Ranis finds that he spend several hours floating in front of the massive colossus. The power levels dimmed on the ship, as Ranis cut power to some of his on board computers. The pod goes quiet, and in that moment Ranis remembers a verse that was spoken to him out of his temple on his homeworld:

"Therefore, the lord God sent him forth from the Garden of Eden
He drove out the man,
And he placed at the east of the Garden of Eden, Cherubim
And a flaming sword that turned every way
To keep the way of the tree of life."

This verse was the most memorable part of Ranis's upbringing, and provides him with much of his courage and will to continue life as a capsuleer.

Suddenly, the ships systems light up again. The ship turns and arcs towards the gate and the engines fire, thrusting him in the direction of the gate. In the time spend here, Ranis has noticed a few new evemails that he needs to address. Fortunately this site is only a short distance from his Headquarters. That thought provides all the comfort and faith in God that he needs to see his fellow pilots through even the worst of times.

The ship warps off into the distance, leaving Ranis feeling at peace.

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