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Welcome to the Amarrian Pilot blog, written by Ranis Garr. This blog serves as a place for me to put into text my thoughts, opinions, concerns, creations, and rantings about the world of New Eden. From Alliance Politics, to fiction, player quarrels to ship fittings, I plan on including it all. Although some of the posts may be frequent, and some may be few and far between, they will all be part of something I view to be relevant to the universe of New Eden.

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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Tune of the Week

Some of you may know me in game or in real life.

Those of you that do know Im a DJ, Producer, and avid fan of dance music. That, and I have the best taste in Dance Music... ;-)

That being said, Im going to start a new bit on my blog called the "Tune of the Week"

Here we go. Listen and ENJOY!

Myon & Shane 54 - Kippenvelmeter (Armada)

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Bogged Down

So, waiting for my next edition of EON to be shipped to my door, and got curious. I know they put an article for "healthy gaming" more or less, so I was wondering.

Is there any way to balance (effectively) work, your friends/family, and EVE?

I ask because I've begun dating someone, applied to go back to school (Which starts soon) and I work full time. Adding to this, I am CEO of a corporation in EVE and soon to be an Alliance CEO.

I play eve for fun, and managing large organization of real people is fun to me. I dont spend every moment of free time on EVE, but I sure dont spend as much as I used to. My concern is, with adding a significant other and school into my 'work/home/friends/eve/eat/sleep' routine that I might burn out... either that or go postal.

The logical answer is 'spend less time on EVE.' Not going to happen... I spend a couple hours every few days on EVE, and spend just as much time with friends, family, ect. I guess to change the question in order to get the answers I'm really looking for I'll ask this...

"How do you make EVE fit into your busy schedule?"

I look forward to your answers. Email to RanisGarr@gmail.com or comment them, and perhaps I'll make a new post breaking one of these answers down.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

CNN... of New Eden?

I've been watching a whole lot of news (its elections in the US. What can I say?) lately and I've been reading a bunch of the in game news.

I want to open up a can of worms for questioning. We all know the in-game news corporation The Scope is the leader in bringing us news about 0.0. But how hard can it be to lead the news industry in EvE when you are the news industry.

Should there be competition with The Scope from the player base, whether in the form of a joint Blog with multiple authors, or an actual corporation that dishes out real information that pertains to what the player base wants to read about or talk about?

Please give feedback either in comments or by submitting them to RanisGarr@gmail.com