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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

CNN... of New Eden?

I've been watching a whole lot of news (its elections in the US. What can I say?) lately and I've been reading a bunch of the in game news.

I want to open up a can of worms for questioning. We all know the in-game news corporation The Scope is the leader in bringing us news about 0.0. But how hard can it be to lead the news industry in EvE when you are the news industry.

Should there be competition with The Scope from the player base, whether in the form of a joint Blog with multiple authors, or an actual corporation that dishes out real information that pertains to what the player base wants to read about or talk about?

Please give feedback either in comments or by submitting them to RanisGarr@gmail.com


  1. The source for 0.0 news is evenews24...

  2. I think it would pretty cool to have multiple corps delivering news just like in RL

  3. Actually I just started The EVE Report - Anyone can sign up and post news, stories, or anything EVE related. Its completely free, and takes 2 minutes to get signed up. Then you are free to post and even comes with a guide for people new to the site.

    Check it out - www.evereport.com

  4. evenews24 is the closest i know to a breaking news type site. Most other eve resources do the consumer awareness/human interest side of things heh

  5. EveNews24 from what I've observed is about as unbiased and as dedicated to facts as Fox News. =P

    Its poorly written, the guy has bias and it shows. Im thinking more of something where people do similar to what EveNews24 is doing, but with less bullshit, better spelling, and less bias.

    Then again, as a RL professional that plays EVE, this may be too much to ask for from the GENERAL eve populace.