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Saturday, October 30, 2010

On The Current State of EGO

Good evening followers, friends, and random people who may be reading this on a feed somewhere far far away.

I would like to take the time to post current thoughts on the state of EGO Alliance.

From what I have seen, an alliances goal, first and foremost, usually is to group people together to accomplish a goal that, on their own, corporations and individuals are unable to accomplish. Its what led IT to become over 5000 players strong, its what led CVA to govern an entire region, and its what drove Goonswarm to... do whatever significant thing it was that Goonswarm did.

But what Im seeing from EGO is a group of very talented players, who lack numbers and a definitive goal. I think what could drive this alliance into the major alliance stage would be a simple, measurable goal to achieve and strive for. It doesnt have to be big or fancy or elaborate. Something simple, like "Become the largest alliance in Eve," or "Annex __________ Region."

Hefty goals, but they give people a sense of what they are working towards.

Without goals like this, people log on to their subscription MMO and dont really do anything that is meaningful to either their corporation or alliance. The exception to this rule would be the inner circle of people who work together almost daily in the alliance. They may drive for....something. But what impact does that have on achieving any type of 'end game?' If it has anything to do with it, its minute at best.

In my honest opinion, Arrogance needs to find a temporary home that is easily accessible by others, recruit players to not only our corporations, but our alliance, and then set our eyes for a bit of 0.0 somewhere in New Eden, and then go for it. Hot drops, caps, camps, bubbles, everything.

Ambitious, maybe? But I wouldnt be where I am today if I took an overly cautious approach to everything.


  1. I'm going to be completly honest and blunt and the things I say are not meant to boast my own ego. So with that said I think Bob never should have taken control of the alliance, he should have left me in charge. Other than myself, Dr Aquafresh, and Lyntt no one else was there to help lead the alliance. I know Ranis would have been there to assist in anyway he could but RL prevented that. Stoned was a retard and only got in the way. No one but the people that helped understood the rank structure or for that matter really gave a shit. If this is how it was going to be then I think it is better for EGO to fail once again and let it be a lesson to Bob that he fucking fails at running an alliance.

  2. Dan, talk to me in game, or call me. You know the number.