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Friday, October 15, 2010

Bounce Back, Part II

A quick little update on progress on my corporations bounce back from this slump we are in.

In my last edition of Bounce Back, I posted a few goals that we need to focus on in the coming weeks. They included:
-Getting Evals up again
-Getting Green scores in evals
-Discussing census results with leadership
-Staffing Personnel Department
-Assigning TL's and CTL's to fill vacancies

Lets break this down a little bit further and evolve our direction to better fit what we have learned.

1. Getting Evals up again

This one is important. It measures our progress in an honest way, which lets us understand where we need to spend more time fixing problems, and where we need to recognize those people for doing good work. Evaluations may be a pain sometimes, but they show leadership and TM's alike that we are tracking our progress and that we care that progress is being made. To modify this from the last post, I would add "And make the evals available for all Team Members to see."

2. Getting Green scores in Evals

This one is a given. Green scores mean we are doing very proficient in certain aspects in the corporation. Currently, we have an overall score of probably 4 or 5 (out of a compounded 8 points total), so we are sitting at a Red overall score. In all honesty, this will be fixed when people can step up to the plate, and help us to get recruitment, mining, production, pvp, missioning, training, ect... back on the road.

3. Discussing Census Results

This one was a little hasty on my part. Yes, a very good goal for long term growth, but it hindsight, it serves no direct benefit to getting us back on track in the now. Discussing these results is just going to tell us what our corporation already knows. We have a lot of work to do. Still going to keep this goal, but taking it off of our immediate to-do list.

4. Staffing Personnel Department

Probably the highest priority as of right now. I, as CEO, have a lot to work on, from alliance discussion and directional talks, to managing the corporate decisions, direction, and execution as a whole. It would be far too taxing to add "recruiter" to that list of tasks. That is the whole reason we formulated this department in the first place. NETU's Personnel Department is the most crucial department to our corporation's success in coming out of this slump. That being said, I am keeping this as a top priority.

5. Assigning TL's and CTL's

Equally important to just about everything else, as we need leaders to split the workload to take the overall pressure off one-another to complete complex tasks. For now, however, we have an experienced group of DTL's and myself which can take on the more high-level tasks for now (CTL level). We can, however, use Team Leaders. The difficulty in this task is finding people in NETU that have the time to take up an officer-level position. These positions are not overwhelmingly difficult. I work 40 hours a week, preparing for school full time, and I am the CEO of a virtual organization, yet I can still make it work and have fun.

We need to put it out there that you dont have to give up fun and enjoyment in order to be a leader in NETU.

I close this out with a copy of the letter used to stir up interest in helping us move forward. Once again, I will continue to analyze what is work, what isnt, and why.

Taken From: NETU Corporate EveMail
Issuer: CEO of NETU
On Behalf of: NETU Personnel Department
MessageName: The Promise

From: The Office of the Chief Executive Officer
To: The Members of the New Eden Trade Union [NETU]
Subject: A Promise from NETU Leadership


NETU is nearing its first anniversary, and we have come a long way. For anyone that remembers, we began in Hek as an industrial powerhouse. We moved to Hentogaira to pursue Industrial interests, making hundreds of millions in liquid ISK and assets. Shortly thereafter, we moved to Devoid and Domain to write the next few chapters of our existence. Now we find ourselves in Galente lowsec preparing for 0.0.

Its important for us, as leadership, to recognize who and what led us to this point. The answer is simple: You. Without people working hard and genuinely believing in our corporation, our leadership, and our fellow TM’s, we would never have reached this point in our existence.

That being said, we have a lot of work to still do in order to achieve our goal of becoming the best corporation ever. We have positions to fill, tasks to complete, and projects to work on. Its going to be a hell of a ride, but the end result is more than worth it.

Tayt Sylus, Lyntt, and Myself are incapable of running every aspect of this corporation on our own, so we invite you interview for one of the many open positions in the corporation and help us move this corporation forward. And we back this with a promise endorsed by all of us:

If you dedicate your time, your effort, and your experience to help make this corporation more fun, successful, and profitable, this corporation will become dedicated to putting the time, effort and experience we have into making you more successful and profitable.
Nothing accelerates the gaming experience in EvE like being able to make a difference in the community of players you are affiliated with. I know this first hand, as I have witnessed this first hand, many times in the past five years of playing EvE Online.

Do you want to have your corporation and alliance talked about in the in-game news? Do you want to hold space in 0.0? Do you want to have alliances coming to us for that capital ship they want built? Or how about having the bragging rights of being a corporation with 100+ players with 0% inactivity?

It starts with You.

You have the word of all three members of senior leadership in the New Eden Trade Union, that if you want it, we will help you get it. If you would like to learn it, we will teach it. If you help make us a better corporation, we will help make you a better player. Drive change and growth, and see the same in return from us.

Get started with your higher career in EvE. Contact any one of us, and we will get the ball rolling in the right direction.

Best of Regards,

Ranis Garr
Chief Executive Officer
New Eden Trade Union

“A Ship is Safe in Harbor, But That is Not What Ships Are For.”
~William Shedo

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