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Monday, October 4, 2010

Bounce Back, Part I

In the recent months here's what went down...

I took a break after the pressure of being a CEO (The mails, the convo's, the questions, the demands, the this-that-and-the-other, ect) got a little tough in conjunction with increased stress at my RL job.

Upon my return, here's what it looked like. Inactivity was way high, people logging on was infrequent, and people doing things with one another in the corp wasnt as impressive as it was just a few weeks back.

I look at this as an opportunity for my own development. There are lessons to be learned here, and I want to record them, so that if this happens in the future, I know how we went about dealing with it, and if it was successful or not. This series is going to be called "Bounce Back" and will be broken into parts.

What we have established so far:
-Using our corporate census, we identified people who expressed both interest and willingness in leadership positions. We will interview these people, and move them to fill our personnel department.
-Lyntt and Tayt have been moved up from CTL's to a new position of DTL (Divisional Team Leader). The corp has been split into two divisions, each with a primary-function department, and an "off-site" department, and have been assigned 'numbers.' D100 and D200 (D100 to encompass Navy and Logistics, D200 to encompass Indy and Personnel).
-Steady recruitment of players has begun, and we will take some of these guys who have interest in helping the corp, and set them up (in the future) as recruiters.

What we need to work on:
-Getting the Department Evals back up and running
-Getting scores green again
-Setting up a meeting to discuss census results to identify where we need to spend the most time working on our weaknesses.
-Staffing our Personnel Department
-Carefully assigning TL and CTL's to the departments that have vacancies (which is all of them. *Sigh*)

We already have a new guy who said during casual conversation, that he would do "anything to help the corp," so I'm looking towards eventually moving him into recruitment. I would really like to get a part of the Personnel Team dedicated to finding new and inventive ways to recruit, so that they maintain our growing and diverse corporation... and taking people onboard who have experience and who know how to take a joke (aka - thick skin required).

Side note: Mumble? Not really diggin' it. Im a bigger fan of vent, just because of look and feel. Sure there is some more functionality available with mumble (ie - the quieting of ambient sound when someone is talking) but vent is more universal - and more potential recruits use it anyways.

So overall, the topic of the next week or so is going to be manpower and recruitment.

Will post with updates, key learnings, successes and opportunities, what works, what doesnt, and why, as well as future action steps to help move our Bounce Back forward.

Also, check out our new and improved website - www.netu-eve.com


  1. Hey what sort of timezone does your corp operate out of?

    ps. I like the website's :)

  2. We're mostly US, but we have people from all over, and our close friends in our alliance are online at all hours.