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Saturday, July 24, 2010


So we know that UK disband today (or as I view it, was taken over by "hostile-friendlies"). I think this is probably one of the most important and beneficial things to happen to New Eden since the disbanding of Band of Brothers and Goon Swarm.

The Ushra'Khan have been terrorizing Providence for years now, under a guise of "freespace ideals" which everyone knows to be false and inaccurate. Their previous home of Catch, and their new toy "New Providence" will serve as a blood-soaked hunting ground for the next week or so as Sovereignty starts to shift hands.

Now that UK are gone, we can bet that we will see a bettering of the situation in Providence. UK have for many years been (viewed?) as the catalysts and causes of many of the problems (big and small) that Providence has faced.

Although I have no faith what-so-ever that Apocalypse Now will EVER take advantage of the situation in Providence, I would like to call upon leaders of Amarrian Friendly Organizations to start taking up space in the Region, and begin to restore it to what it was just 6 short months ago.

I cant speak for anyone but myself, but I applaud HYDRA for the work they have (allegedly) done over the past few hours. But most importantly, I applaud Tarac Nor, for being brave enough to take action against the terrorists in UK. Tarac, your work will echo throughout New Eden for years to come.

Amarr Victor

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