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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Planetary Interaction and Providence

So, with the "Great Planetary Land Rush" looming within the next few hours, and with the intense politics that are happening in Providence, I have been left with little time to post in past history. Here is an update with what is going on in my life as a capsuleer.

Providence politics have been rocky at best. Providence is beginning to look more like any other nullsec region of space and less like the "New Providence" paradise that the invaders made it out to be. Agony and others have adopted NBSI policies and UK and Atlas camp gateways in and out of providence, making logistics difficult. In order for further support for our 5i system to get there, we are relying on backwater routes or jump-drives.

Other news includes the fall of Paxton Federation. Paxton was an ally of CVA and of Apoc, and their loss (even though I have little experience working with Paxton), will have ripples of effect that we have yet to see happen.

On the Empire front, Planetary Interaction begins tomorrow morning, and our PI-Team (PIT) will be spending most of the day getting settled with our new planetary gold mines. Part of our PIT organizational work is that we are going to setup an office nearby to where the majority of our members are setting up their PCC's. This is to help make logistics easier for them getting their products to the PITHQ so we can get it from there to our Corp HQ.

I have to cut this post short as my melatonin is kickin in. Will do my best to get posting on a regular basis again.

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