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Monday, April 26, 2010

April Showers Bring...?

So with the war in providence simmering down, Apoc and CVA making their plans for the future, and with NETU growing and expanding at a rapid pace, I think its time to open a new high-office position in the Trade Union.

NETU has finally hit a 60 member mark with 7% inactivity rate. Excellent by any corporations standards. The Navy Department has finally hit green status, after being red for the past month. Our Indy CTL is on an LOA of his own, so I have had to step in as CTL of Indy. We're setting up a new Planetary Interaction Team (PIT) to be launched with the release of Tyrannis, which has a moderate level of pre-launch preparation that needs to happen (which, until we can appoint a TL for that group, I myself will be coordinating). Our Intell and Logistics Department is growing and developing bigger and better plans for the future, and the Personnel dept is even expanding to a sustainable level. Keeping that in mind, real life might be making a turn for the better for me, as a position has opened up at my job that I most likely will get promoted into. That being said, this is a lot of work for just one person to oversee.

Im lookin into drawing up and opening a new high office in NETU: Vice-CEO. I have a few candidates in mind, but ultimately, I would like to select the people who I would trust in that position based upon performance, loyalty, drive and experience. Then Im thinking of putting those candidates up for election by the shareholders. That position will answer to myself and ultimately, the shareholders (as the position will be appointed by the shareholders with my confirmation).

My time in Eve will be reduced, but not diminished, thus the need for a new Vice CEO has become apparent.

Also, I am planning on appointing a corporation diplomat, seeing how NETU is developing relations, good and bad, with other entities in New Eden. This diplomat will take some of the pressure off the shoulders of the Leadership so as to allow us to work and focus on our corporate tasks.

In all honesty, the New Eden Trade Union has developed to a level I never would have imagined upon its conception. The need for divided work is becoming crucial to our success, and our growth in the very near future with become equally important to our longevity.

Of all the players I've interacted with in the past 4 years or so, none have even come close to comparing to the fine individuals I call my friends in this corporation. We have become more than a group of players, we have become a family, and one that I hope to see grow and thrive in the coming years.

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