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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Bogged Down

So, waiting for my next edition of EON to be shipped to my door, and got curious. I know they put an article for "healthy gaming" more or less, so I was wondering.

Is there any way to balance (effectively) work, your friends/family, and EVE?

I ask because I've begun dating someone, applied to go back to school (Which starts soon) and I work full time. Adding to this, I am CEO of a corporation in EVE and soon to be an Alliance CEO.

I play eve for fun, and managing large organization of real people is fun to me. I dont spend every moment of free time on EVE, but I sure dont spend as much as I used to. My concern is, with adding a significant other and school into my 'work/home/friends/eve/eat/sleep' routine that I might burn out... either that or go postal.

The logical answer is 'spend less time on EVE.' Not going to happen... I spend a couple hours every few days on EVE, and spend just as much time with friends, family, ect. I guess to change the question in order to get the answers I'm really looking for I'll ask this...

"How do you make EVE fit into your busy schedule?"

I look forward to your answers. Email to RanisGarr@gmail.com or comment them, and perhaps I'll make a new post breaking one of these answers down.

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