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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Changing Course

So in my last post, I wrote about the possibility of declaring war on Atlas as a means of protecting providence. The meeting took place, and although wildly off topic, I managed to make my point:

The only way that we can help in the most effective manner is by war dec'ing Atlas and take the fight to high sec.

Now my position was met with very fair arguments. The war in high sec would disrupt our industry guys who don't fight at all. It would also require a ton of organization, that of which we lack at the present time. And overall, Formula doesnt allow for war decs. Its against his policy.

Now these being fair points, I cited a few points that other CEO's were making in the meeting. We have no clear direction as an alliance, and (in many peoples opinions) it stems from a lack of clearly set mid-term goals. CEO's noted that its hard to get operations together, and I made the point, "do the people see the overall goal behind these operations?" The answer was no, so I proposed a clear, short to mid-term goal that is achievable that also rallies both spectrums of the Alliance Community: The Protection and Defence of Providence.

This goal that was presented allows for indy guys to build discounted ships for alliance pvpers so that we can better defend our regions of space, and calls for PvP'ers to join up and help -7- defend Northern Providence, begin disruption fleets to break enemy lines of movements and logistics within the region, and to give our guys the experience they need to become veterans of the PvP community.

Shortly after our meeting ajourned, we were called to help -7- defend KBP from a 30 man gang that was in the area. Our short notice led to a powerful fleet of 50 various subcapital ships being brought to the area (Its was helpful that KBP is only 4-5 jumps out from our HQ).

Ill give these alliances leaders until the next meeting to see if they are taking the information given seriously and are acting on it to further ourselves as an alliance. If not, well, we will act then. If so, then its fair to say I played my part in helping the alliance move forward.

A side note, Im going to meet with my CTL of Industry and see about getting a Carrier on the production lines by mid June (roughly the time I plan on being in a carrier. :)). With a touch of luck, we can begin building up the APOC capital fleet, and start putting ourselves out there as a major contender for this area of space.

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  1. This alliance has no goals (or none that I have heard of). Which I belive is the biggest problem with APOC. It feels like we are operating like the CIA, NSA, and FBI. There are no common goals and therefore we have no organzation. If APOC was run more like our corp then i think it would be alot smoother and I would be more willing to help the alliance.