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Sunday, March 7, 2010


As you know if you keep up with the GalNet posts, or the Scope Reports, Providence is burning at the hands of AAA and U'K, and now Atlas are in the picture. My corporation is involved in an alliance, Apocalypse Now, and we are the fourth largest corporation out of the 18 corps involved.

Now let me get to the point. Atlas is currently JUST trying to cause as much damage as possible, and if they succeed in burning down Providence, then my corp will lose its opportunity to join the Providence community and further our goals of being a major player in the eve online market system, as well as become a pvp presence to be reckoned with.

In 10 hours or so, my alliance will be holding its monthly CEO/Director meeting. It is at this meeting where I will present a proposal that could at best, cause us to disrupt at Atlas at a high cost and at worst, get my corp removed from our alliance.

My proposal will be to declare a high sec war with Atlas to disrupt their logistics in and out of the providence region. By blocking supplies from getting in and out, and by disrupting the carebear functions in their alliance, we will (hopefully!) create a big enough distraction to allow Sev3rance to counter the assault on KBP, and regain their footing.

I expect there to be a large debate about this, seeing how Apocalypse Now doesnt engage in wars (meaning, they dont war dec people). My goal in 10 hours is to emphasize the historic importance of this course of action, and the role it will play in getting our name out there, and sending an ultimate message to Atlas: Providence is NOT Geminate.

The overall goal is to show them that they cannot come down here and do to Providence what they did to Geminate.

Now, I sleep. Cant go into one of these meetings without lots of sleep.

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