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Friday, March 19, 2010

Public Relations

(IC Post, 3Psn)

Ranis sat at his desk analyzing the latest survey reports for the Control Tower that was being planed for the area. His desk was less messy that it he was used to seeing it. Able to focus on the present task of a Tower setup, Ranis felt like he was accomplishing something. For once.

The doors to his office whizzed open. A pilot with the call sign "Devildog" entered his office. Devildog was a tall, well built Minmatar pilot, CTL of the Industry Department. Although strange to see a Matari citizen holding such a high position in a corp run by an Amarrian Religious Reclaimer, the sight didnt bother Ranis. Devildog's previous CEO has sent a communique referring the Matari citizen to his corporation. With a detailed and highly decorated officer, referral in hand, docking at NETU Head Quarters, Ranis felt reluctant to give the man a chance. Once a slave, Devildog had proven himself in the Caldari-Gallente war. That in its own regard was enough allow him admittance.

"Good evening, Ranis. I have some troubling news," the officer said, as he handed Ranis a report.

Ranis skimmed the report, and in a few short moments, his eyes narrowed. The report was from a former CEO of a New Eden Trade Union Trainee. Recently out of the university, the report pointed out that the pilot in question had wasted no time in engaging in piracy activities, and was potentially targeting NETU for his next hit.

"What's the pilot's location?" asked Ranis.

"Riavayed V - Belt I. Currently mining in a Retriever," replied Devildog.

Wasting no time, Ranis immediately opened a direct channel with the CTL for Intelligence. "Vamp, I need a full background on this guy, and I need it yesterday."

"On it," replied Vampire, a well equipped Intelligence officer. "Why? Whats up?"

Ranis sent a data cluster to Vamp's on board system.

"Nice, Ill see what I can do," said Vamp.

Ranis closed the channel and issued a low-level alert to the NETU Navy Department. The signal, although subtle, was enough to let the CTL of that department to know that there was a problem.

"Lets go, we dont have much time," said Ranis, as he and Devildog rushed through the corridor to make it to the dock where their ships awaited them.

Ranis entered his clone, and had it lifted into his Harbinger. Fully fitted for combat, Ranis's Harbinger was the product of a year of trial and error. As he undocked, he issued subtle orders to his Navy on low level frequencies to have them prepare to spring a trap. As his ship arced toward the belt and took off, his display flashed three times to signal the Navy was moving into position. Upon entering the belt, Ranis screen flickered, signaling the intell report had been complete. Initial results indicated the intell was positive, and this guy was a snake.

The shipp roared out of warp and Ranis initiated a passive target on the pilot in question. Signaling to his fellow pilots that the plan was in action, Ranis began warp scramming the individual as he announced to him the allegations being brought forward.

The individual responded with confusion and shock, perceived to be a normal reaction for a spy to give when caught. With a short time passing with no response, Ranis gave the Navy the order to fire. Missiles and Lasers blazed through the space between the pilot in question and the 3 man gang that formed. Within seconds a light flashed, signaling the destruction of his ship. The smaller of the three ships began a warp scram, as the pilot continued to act confused. Shortly thereafter, the pod popped, as the pilot woke up lightyears from his start location.

"Good work boys," stated Ranis, as he gathered the online CTL's in a group transmission. "Get him on the line," barked Ranis, and within moments, the pilots face, still fresh out of the clone vat bay, appeared on the screen. "You are being charged with intent to commit criminal activity against the New Eden Trade Union in a time of peace. An investigation is underway," stated Ranis in a calm and collected voice.

"Im fresh out of the academy. I didnt do anything," said the confused and dazed pilot.

"Our intell reports show differently, and in the end, will tell the whole story," Ranis replied.

Outraged, the pilot demanded a representative. Ranis transmitted the contact info for the alliance CEO, as requested.

"This is a matter of internal security, and you have the right to arbitration. Until that time, you are not welcome in Amarr space."

The screen flickered black, and the pilot's face dissappeared. "Vamp, get the investigation underway. We need to have a full report for the public. We dont want to appear to be attacking graduates. Ill issue a press release here soon."

"Already on it," replied Vamp.

Ranis turned his ship and headed back to HQ to write up the release. Although an interesting turn of events, Ranis knew that this could get complicated quickly if the correct action wasnt taken quickly.

"Until the investigation closes, this is a matter of internal security, and we will only release some of the information to the public," announced Ranis to the group still in the comm window.

All of them agreed, and the proceedures began. All of the sudden, Ranis remembers how much he hates dealing with PR issues.

(To Be Continued)

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  1. I AM A CALDARI CITIZEN. I am just a really tan calraian. jk lol it was good. This would make a really good T.V. show.