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Friday, March 12, 2010

[NETU] Trainee Program

So, I've begun an experimental Trainee program in my corp to allow us to work better with the very few brand new capsuleers we hire. The program works like this:

We are going to start running pvp/mining training ops, requiring certain skills, ship fits, and for the pilot to have read a certain amount of material on the subject in order to join up. For example - pvp frigate tactics training would require the pilot to have successfully done the tracking and missile guides (available on the forums). We would require that the pilot be able to us (T1) MWD's, Webs, Scrams, and we will provide small faction ammo to them and possibly produce their ship. They fit it, take what they learned, and apply it on the real battlefield as we take on targets in 0.0. In the end, we do a debriefing and find what works, what doesnt, and why. This will also be an open forum to discuss what the fleet did well and what we need to improve. Each pilot will complete the lesson (or not) based on what the FC/CTL for the operation decides. People who fail the operation are people who fail to grasp the target concepts that we are trying to get across. People who pass are those who understand the ideas and concepts we are trying to teach.

In addition to this, I've opened an office in our area that allows us to base these TM's out of, and give them exclusive access to skills, mods, equipment, ammo, and the like. This will keep our HQ public hangar from getting crowded and messy with dozens of mods that not everyone will use.

This is also because I've lifted the ban on trial accounts, and the CTL - Personnel will begin recruiting starting Monday. Hopefully this will kick our numbers back in the healthy area that they used to be in.

For now, we will cap out our member count at 55.

Side note: I added my alt to the corp today. He is purely a RnD, Invention, and Rev Engineering Alt to provide a cash flow for both my main and my alt.

Dont want to get too sidetracked with this post, but there is so much going on. Keep an eye out for the update on how the Trainee Program turns out.

Fly safe out there.

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  1. I am all in. Let me knwo what I can do to help. I have a coulpe of ideas for training ops.