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Friday, January 14, 2011

First Post!!!

First post of the new year. I know its late. But I've been busy in game. Not necessarily a bad thing. =)

I promise to keep posting more and more. I've sorta fell off the boat as of late, but now I'm back on board, and ready to get things rolling.

What to expect here soon...

First, a post relating Human Resources and Personal Development to the Eve Online Community.

Later, (or sooner) look out for CK's Blog Banter Post. I have it, but it isnt finished. It will be and I'll be throwing it out there here soon.

But now, I will give you something to work with. Its this years very first Track of the Week. I've gotten such good feedback thus far from the TOTW bit, so we're gunna stick with it.

The track: Summertime Rolls
The artist: Losers
The mix: Hybrid Soundsystem Remix

And finally, this blog hits a milestone. 1,000 visits! Thanks for the support and motivation to keep doing this.

Fly safe, and expect posts as soon as tomorrow!

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