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Monday, January 17, 2011

Last day with this face...

So with the new year brings new faces. I felt compelled to post in Ranis' final hours as being the hooded, mysterious amarrian that has seen so much in New Eden.

From the rise and fall of ITO, the creation and rebellion in GalSpan, and learning all the lessons from TIC and NBS, and boiling it all down into my most successful organization on any game or platform. Ranis' face has been the face that coincided with much good and plenty of bad.

I dont know how I feel about making his face viewable via the new character creator that is being deployed right now as I write this.

I guess there are perks to it, but still. Ranis' cartoony looking face has been iconic in the rise and fall, and eventual rise of many corporations. I feel that with this change, a part of the past is disappearing.

Talking wont change it. Just felt the need to have my reservations put on the record.

Sleep. Homework. Food. Eve. Sleep. Work.

Six words to sum up the next 48 hours.

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