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Monday, March 28, 2011

The Overview

Who else remembers the blog-post by Kirith Kodachi about the new Overview?

Basically, its about how different ships should get different icons in the overview. I know it made it to the Test Server. How long is it going to take CCP to release this to the live server?

In addition to this, I remember them talking about a Beta Tested NeoCom. I run a mac, and their is no option to activate a new neocom.

CCP - Please spend more time bringing the Mac Client up to par with the PC client. The software and hardware are superior on a Mac, why cant the client be superior? Or screw superior. How bout 'on par!'



  1. 1) Shelved as being done better in the new UI.

    2) Missing In Action - no clue why. (Nobody has it).

  2. The Mac client's issues are not with the client itself, as it is simply the same as the PC client, but with the wrapper that needs to be put around it to get it to run (by Transgaming) There is no dedicated Mac client just a PC client running on an emulator.