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Saturday, October 18, 2014


So, plenty of information to share since I last posted here (YEARS ago! Where does time go!?)

I recently moved in with my Partner, and he and I spend quite a lot of time together. While we do enjoy the company of one another, I'm starting to remember how much fun I had playing EVE.

I've decided to get back into the game. I rejoined NETU, had Kale al'Corsten, my holder alt, accept my application and promptly step down as CEO and turn the reigns back over to Ranis.

I know going into this that I will not be growing NETU back to the size it was just prior to the collapse in 2012. I just want a group of pilots that can get together, help contribute to meaningful goals (Providence, you're looking nice this time of year...), and blow some much needed steam from the perils of the real life situation (work, finishing up my degree, etc. My partner Donnie is wonderful... I just hope he understands the desire to get back into EVE).

I guess a necessary first step is getting back in touch with some of the old NETU crew. Its likely that we can bring some of them back for some much anticipated pew!

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